Michele Riva

Engineer / Developer / IoT enthusiast

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About me

I’m Michele Riva, a creative multi-disciplinary engineer with a passion for intuitive and minimalist designs.

Strong of an experience and an education spanning over 7 different countries, I enjoy working on software development, mechanical designs, IoT devices, system administration, numerical simulations, and lots more.

Feel free to have a look at my portfolio, read through my life story or get in touch straight away.


I love to bring tech objects to life, and to do so I need to master a wide range of skills. From software development to mechanical design, I believe a problem is best tackled from multiple perspectives.


Software and web development


IoT prototyping


Mechanical engineering


System administration


Modelling and simulations


I worked on a wide range of different projects, spanning over mechanical design, firmware development, IoT prototyping and more. Each of them reflects my passion and dedication in its attention to detail.


In my education I put a strong emphasis on quality and internationalization, which led me to study in 5 different countries at some of the most respected institutions in the world. With a BSc of Mechanical engineering and an MSc of Energy technologies (both double degrees), I am confident in my ability to tackle complex engineering challenges.

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